Where did the time go?



As a business owner, time seems to be the enemy.  Each day you cram as many meetings, projects, and home life as you can into your day, in the hopes of making tomorrow better, more productive.  But what you find is that an hour in the business world is not the same hour in your private life.  And while you're trying to duplicate yourself so that you can do more work, the difficulty of training someone else just takes...you guessed it...more time.

Learning to manage time is a key tool to avoid self-sabotage.  As a business owner, prioritizing activities that will yield a greater return for your company should be at the top of your list. Of course, time that you spend developing your business can help your bottom line also.  Improving efficiency, time management, and a strong work ethic are all actions that are important to maximizing your time.

Don't beat yourself if you don't accomplish everything in one day. Do the best you can and remember to balance your time you spend on your business with the time you need for family and friends.

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