Coaching or Consulting?

As a business owner, personal (economic) fitness is crucial for the success of your business.  As a business coach, We will work with you on managing your time, making sound decisions, and providing guidance on personal development.

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Advisor or Contractor?

Many businesses simply need sound advice and guidance through their strategy development.  Other businesses need someone who adds to staff capacity.  We can help either way.  If you just want our advice, we'll give it!  If you need someone to help with the work, we can do that too!

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Borrowing or Lending

Every business owner must make a decision on how they will start their business.  Borrowing money from relatives or seeking lending options from a bank. Either way, creating a strategy for implementation and repayment is crucial to future success and viability.

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The Concept


S. Givens & Associates started with the idea that small business owners were definitely not small minded.  In fact, so many small businesses have BIG ideas.  Smart, dedicated, and enthusiastic business owners need support.  From the day-to-day challenges to strategy development, for small businesses it can be overwhelming.

We want to change that!

Our philosophy is to provide "big business service to small business".  Why?  Just because your business is small, doesn't mean that you don't deserve the type of services big businesses can afford.  We know that everything that is big now, was once small.  Big thinkers in small businesses need trusted advisers with the ability to help move great ideas forward and support to grow the ones that are already started.

Start now!

We want to help small businesses reach their potential. We want to provide support, counseling, or maybe you just need someone to do it.  That is the type of service you deserve. Small or big budgets, we make it work!





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