Family & Friends: Supporters?

If you are like me, when you started your business, you probably thought your friends and family would support your efforts.  You thought they would buy your products, attend your seminars, and maybe, just maybe, even invest.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way, but don’t be disappointed.  Remember, your dream is YOUR dream and no one else's. You cannot expect people to be as passionate about what you do as you are.  While it may hurt and make you feel resentful, keep in mind, if it is a good idea and you are good at it, those who need your services will be there.

I find that many small business owners and entrepreneurs believe the relationships they have cultivated over their lifetime would serve as the jumping off point for their business.  But while this widely held misconception continues to perpetuate, the reality is, it usually isn’t the case.  Of course, everyone will be there to give you the “atta boy” and “I’m really proud of you speech”, but that does not always translate into physical support.  They will want you to succeed, but they don’t always see themselves as a part of that success.  Fear not, they love you still.

If you stay focused and identify who is the best fit for your business and establish your niche, there are plenty of people who will support you whether they are friends or family.  Remind yourself that you started your business for you and no one else.  Expect nothing and work to get what you need to make your business a successful adventure.

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