As you can gather from the name, our business works closely with "Associates" to provide the best service possible.  If you are working with one of our consultants and they determine you need another level of service, we pull from a pool of trusted advisers who can further the services you need.  Accountants, lawyers, insurance representatives, lenders, processors, advertisers and many others all partner with us to provide the services you need.

Through your consultation, it may be determined that you need a specific service.  We have spent countless years building relationships with other small businesses to provide services that are right for you.  In fact, our trusted partners understand they are part of a grand scheme to get your business to the top.

Below are some of our Associates.  We work with these companies to provide their expertise on your behalf to ensure the strategies we implement are successful.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate with S. Givens & Associates, please give us a call at 816-600-0604.