Sheoni Givens, President & CEO
Sheoni Givens, President & CEO

A personal message from the President

I have always had a passion for small business.  The idea that someone who is motivated and has an awesome idea, and who can't realize their dream because they don't know where to start is tragic.  I knew that after gathering over 20 years of experience in business, I could use what I know to coach and consult small business owners and entrepreneurs.  My business has always been about the little guy.  Almost every major corporation began small, but with a big idea.  No one ever does it alone and there is always someone willing to help along the way.  I wanted to be that help.

If you want to start, develop, or grow your business, S. Givens & Associates will help you through the complexities of business and get you started on the path you had only dreamed of before.  Let's get you started, today!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at S. Givens & Associates is that small business owners and entrepreneurs are the bedrock to any economy.  We believe, by supporting them, we can build a stronger economy and develop future leaders and innovators.  We also believe that small business is only small in size, not in ideas.

Our Story

Our business began with a simple idea that small businesses deserved big business service.  We recognized that both had the same needs, just on a different scale.  With our experience and background in business development and strategic planning, we knew with a little help, small businesses could have the same options as big businesses.  With over 20 years of experience in a vast array of industries, S. Givens & Associates works with your business to provide coaching and consulting services to help you build a "bigger" and brighter future.

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If you are interested in finding out more about S. Givens & Associates, schedule an appointment today.  Remember, an idea is just an idea till you do something about it.